Mickey Face Tutorial

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Everybody loves Mickey! With my Mickey face tutorial it’s simple and fun to create his face from fondant, for the front of a cake as shown, or as a topper. The video below goes through the process from start to finish.

you’ll need:

Print out his face in the exact size you’d like the finished face to be, and lay it over black fondant. Trace carefully over the lines with a dresden tool, and cut out with a scalpel.

Roll out peach fondant, lay the graphic over, and trace the lines of his face. Cut out and set aside. Repeat, this time just tracing and cutting his nose and mouth, smoothing the edges with your fingers as you go. Lay the lower part over the face (attach with a bit of water).

Lay his face over the black silhouette. If making a topper, you can insert a lollipop stick between the layers to insert into the cake when things are completely dry. Deepen the lines of his mouth, and indent the inside of his mouth to create dimension. Support his chin with a bit of paper towel while drying if necessary.

Cut out black ovals for his eyes, then white ovals just a bit smaller. Add pupils. Cut a black oval from thicker fondant, round the edges and attach.

Paint the inside of his mouth with black gel color mixed with everclear. Cut out and attach his tongue, smoothing the edges with your fingers. Shade with brown petal dust around his chin and the top of his nose, for extra depth. Let dry thoroughly, which may take several days depending on the size and thickness.

Done, and cute as can be!

a few delish cake recipes to put it on:

Happy baking!!


  1. What are the sizes of the cakes. How thick do you roll out the fondant

  2. What color is his skin tone?
    What did you use to mix in the white fondant?
    Beautiful work!

    • I mix pink and orange into a small piece of white fondant to make peach, then add that a bit at a time to a larger bit of white, to get the pale peach color.

  3. Helo
    I made a Minnie Mouse cake after watching your video, thank you so much, you are amazing!

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