Winnie the Pooh figurine

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Learn how to make this sweet Winnie the Pooh figurine, perfect for birthdays or baby shower cakes!

you’ll need:

These amounts will make him about 4” tall. Roll approx. 120 grams goldenrod (add a drop of orange to yellow) modeling chocolate into a fat teardrop and set aside. Roll approx. 50 grams into a ball for his head, and make indents with your thumbs for his eye sockets and brow, gently smoothing his jaw inwards, which will form his little snout. Pinch his nose a tiny bit. Using a small ball tool, make spaces for his eyes, and roll tiny balls of black fondant for them. Inscribe his mouth with a dresden tool. Make a tiny triangle of black fondant for his nose, and attach.

Insert a lollipop stick into the body, and stick the head on.

make his shirt

Roll red fondant out quite thinly, and cut a 3” circle. Cut out a 3/4” circle from the center, and cut a wedge out as shown. Moisten the body with a bit of water, and wrap the fondant around, trimming at the back.

add his eyebrows

Roll out a teeny tiny bit of black fondant and cut off the ends. Very lightly moisten his brow and add the bits, curving slightly (a dry soft paintbrush can be helpful with this).

Make a little pot shape from brown fondant, for his honey pot. Use a short piece of lollipop stick to hold it secure.

add legs and arms

add finishing touches to his shirt

Cut out tiny circles for his ears, and attach. Cut a small circle of fed fondant, cut in half and add for sleeves. Cut a thin strip to wrap around his neck for a collar.

make honey

Roll out bits of yellow for honey drops, and glaze with a 50/50 mix of everclear and corn syrup.

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